To taste…

… Antipasti

The “norcineria” and all the cooked pork meats, particularly reappointed and delicious of  Norcia’sregion, also famous for its truffes.

… Pasta

Pastas to the wild boar or to the hare, pastas in truffes, la minestra al “farro” (a variety of wheat known in the time of Romans).

… Typical food

Torta al formaggio (big brioche with cheese traditionally offerred to Easter), fagioli con le cotiche (beans in the couenne of pig), porchetta (pig stuffed and cooked with wild fennel), capretto all’umbra (kid roasted in the romseary and in the bays of juniper berry), capretto al sagrantino (kid in wine and in mushrooms).

… Wine

Sagrantino di Montefalco. (red wine), prefer the sweet one with desserts. Also, the Colli Perugini.
Vino Santo (litteraly Holy Wine) – To sample at the end of accompanied meal cantucci (small cakes in almonds),